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We are a worldwide

Services Marketplace

for local businesses

“We believe in empowering individuals through technology, a disruptive method, and blockchain. A better world for everyone”.


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What is Websser?

Websser is a marketplace of service providers that aims to become the leader in the sector.

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How does it works?

Proveedores de Servicio

Gather Suppliers

from all professions, segments and socioeconomic levels


Using Geolocation In Real Time

to provide fast and convenient service

Conecta a proveedores y clientes

Connecting Suppliers

And guaranteeing a secure service in both directions (C2C)

Supervisión Websser

Monitor, Rate And Analyze Services of suppliers

with the objective of establishing price standards, quality, profiles and market analysis in the future.

mapa de expansión websser

From Mexico to Latin America, and then to the rest of the world

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Our team


Websser Foundation

The Websser Foundation is responsible for making decisions
regarding the project and it is composed of a board of directors.

Juan Antonio Alvarez CIO

Juan Antonio Alvarez

Guillermo Madrid CTO

Guillermo Madrid

Vladimir Martínez

Vladimir Martínez
Sales Director

Rodrigo Ramírez

Rodrigo Ramírez
Comercial Director

Raquel Cruz Finance Manager

Raquel Cruz
Finance Manager

Enrique Lozano Financial Analyst

Enrique Lozano
Financial Analyst

Eduardo Barco Creative Director

Eduardo Barco
Creative Director

Aline Reza Art Director

Aline Reza
Art Director

Alejandro Salazar Proyect Manager

Alejandro Salazar
Proyect Manager

Our Advisors

Carmen Chavarin

Entrepreneur, expert in financial matters CFO

Yael Camacho

Executive at Google

Jorge de Leon

Director Televisa



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